The Conditionz – Cream Soda Throw Rug (1987, Primal Lunch)

I recently had a very enthusiastic request for some tunes by The Conditionz, a Riverside, CA foursome I know almost nothing about, but I did happen to snag a used copy of this disk from a used bin at a price I simply couldn’t refuse: $1.00.  Yep, I’m a sucker, but in all sincerity Cream Soda Throw Rug (which appears to be the band’s second long-player) is reasonably good, albeit not thoroughly recommendable.  The Conditionz spike their ramshackle punk n’ roll with intermittent surf, blues and twang seasoning.  Leadman Bob Nye coincidentally recalls Michael Monroe on occasion, but there’s little glammy decadence to be had on Cream Soda…  Sorta in the same league as early Soul Asylum, or perhaps a hipper-than-average bar band, if any such animal even exists.  Typically, it’s the most serious moment on here, “Flt. 19” that rings my bell.  BTW, the Conditionz reunited for a show in 2013.

01. Elvis’ Gun
02. Young and Dumb
03. Surf Pigs
04. Family Hour
05. John Wayne
06. She’s So Suburban
07. Big D
08. Walk Alone
09. Flt 19
10. Forget That Letter
11. Tracy’s Freaking Out

Articles Origin: The Conditionz – Cream Soda Throw Rug (1987, Primal Lunch)


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