Curtain Society – tape (1991)

These guys came onto my radar when I spotted them at a Big Takeover magazine anniversary concert at the Bell House in Brooklyn back in 2010.  I didn’t realize it until the gig, but the Curtain Society dated back a good two decades ago, to the early ’90s in fact when this cassette made it’s way into the slipstream.  Oddly enough it’s not mentioned in their discography, and that’s unfortunate, because while this Worcester, MA trio may have still been cutting their teeth, this nascent proposition of mildly shoegaze-enhanced post-punk entices along similar lines to Springhouse, and perhaps a more lightweight Chameleons UK/Vox (who by the way were both participants in the same aforementioned Big Takeover-curated lineup).  I’d posit the three cuts appearing here are uniformly satisfying, but C/S matured into a considerably more advanced outfit on their three subsequent albums, including their most recent offering 2005’s Every Corner in the Room.  You can learn more about them, and even purloin a few audio rarities from their webpage

01. Searachlight
02. Candle
03. Gravity

Articles Origin: Curtain Society – tape (1991)


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