The Talk – Not Just Hearsay (1982, Seal Pup)

This long defunct quartet inadvertently answered the question as to whether Shoes and Plimouls records made their way up to Montana – Missoula to be exact.  The Talk’s spin on things rang more than a tad pedestrian at times, but it was honest to goodness power pop.  And they were coming up at a great time, with so many soon-to-be classics from their hipper and more visible contemporaries flying around.  You’ll find a simple but potent stick-to-your-ribs quality to …Hearsay’s most rewarding offerings, specifically “She Said,” “Mystery to Me” and “Walkin.”  These and a handful of other tracks are convincing enough to make you forgive them for the sappy misstep of “Remember,” not to mention a couple more tunes that tread too far into AOR waters for my taste.  A second Talk album, New Language, followed in 1984, bearing a new-romantic bent from what I understand.

01. Bye Bye Baby
02. She Said
03. Stay Away
04. Walkin
05. Just Look What You Have Done
06. When You Talk
07. Out My Window
08. Mystery to Me
09. Remember
10. Take a Step

Articles Origin: The Talk – Not Just Hearsay (1982, Seal Pup)


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