Various – T-sides – The Letter “T” folder mix

It’s been a looooong time since I got around to doing one of these. Indeed, I have returned with one of my famous “letter” mixes, following in the hallowed footsteps of my preceding “E” “D” “H” “O” “P” “B” and “G” folder comps, this garbage plate of seemingly random artists have only one thing in common – the first letter of their names.  In fact, no consideration has been given to genre.  For almost every complete album I have by an artist on my hard drive, I store just as many random one-off songs by artists I don’t have a dedicated folder to.  These random one-offs have been corralled into “letter folders” A through Z.  As was the case with the previous entries I’m not going to publish a track list, but how would a few spoilers grab ya?

First and foremost there’s 35 selections here, all by unique artists.  As was the case with previous installments covers are rampant, with the Tearaways, The Three O’clock, Travis Cut, and Thom Yorke (with members of the Posies) all offering some dandy remake handiwork.  Check out my favorite songs from the Tories, Tuff Darts, Tim and Jean and The Truth, as well as wicked hot acoustic takes of TPOH and Turin Brakes classics.  There’s import-only tracks from Tinted Windows and Tim Cullen (Summercamp), and demos from This Poison, Talk Talk and Taking Back Sunday.  Also, prepare to meet “Blade,” an amusing ’60s burnout who is part and parcel of the Touchtone Terrorists prankster cabal.  And believe it or not I didn’t even get to the good stuff (not all of it anyway). Enjoy.

Articles Origin: Various – T-sides – The Letter "T" folder mix


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