Naoimi’s Hair – Bag Truck tape (1987)

I absolutely, positively lurve this band.  I introduced you to Naimoi’s Hair some four years ago via their 1989 Tara LP and offered more than flattering praise regarding these long defunct Floridians.  I jumped on the opportunity to snatch up this demo tape recently, and despite the band’s deficiencies (albeit tolerable) at this stage in their tenure, Bag Truck is an undeniably sweet juvenalia curio.  Eventually migrating to and disbanding in Orlando, N/H kicked things off in the much hipper enclave of Gainesville.  Not exactly punk, but definitely ramshackle and a little roughshod, esp on the improv-y and excruciatingly messy live salvos peppering this cassette (i.e. “Fresh Girls” and “Open Trench”).  At their best, signposts point to a noisier and even janglier REM, with some wonderful examples surfacing here like “10,000,000 Miles,” “I Can See,” and “Everything a Soul Needs.”  It’s all here – the charming naivety, the hasty sleeve art, the Fleetwood Mac cover, etc… If this makes an impression on you, the aforementioned Tara is still available for public consumption, as will more Naiomi’s Hair music on this site before the year is out.  Enjoy (or not).

01. i can see
02. everything a soul needs
03. dozer work
04. fresh girls
05. inter-neighborhood war
06. open trench
07. 10,000,000 miles
08. going somewhere
09. inter-neighborhood war
10. go your own way
11. apologize
12. just absolute trouble (burning house)

Articles Origin: Naoimi’s Hair – Bag Truck tape (1987)


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