Gathering Ground – Figure it Out ep (1995, Network Sound)

I thought this would be apropos in light of this week’s Mystery Monday.  Gathering Ground.  What can I tell you about them?  Well, they were from Buffalo and this ep was their only release (except maybe a compilation track or two)?  Back then we called it “post-hardcore,” but anyone who first got a whiff of them in the twenty-first century would liberally and unflinchingly term G/G as emo.  Not a tremendous “buzz band,” but a lot of people were hooked on this record, which from what I recall sold in the thousands.  Pretty melodic stuff, akin to their erstwhile contemporaries Samiam, Sensefield, Knapsack and Garden Variety.  ” Bluegreygreen” and “Tumble” entice as effectively as they did two decades ago.  Figure it Out was available on CD and 7.”  You can check out more Gathering Ground goodness and the exploits of some of their related projects on Soundcloud.

01. Bluegreygreen
02. Tumble
03. Swingset
04. Laughter

Articles Origin: Gathering Ground – Figure it Out ep (1995, Network Sound)


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