Re-ups for August.

Here’s the latest round of reinstated links.  Thanks for your requests, and for keeping things interesting around here.

Superchunk On Paper it Made Perfect Sense ep
Heavy BlinkersHooray for Everything
Buzz of DelightSound Castles ep +
TsunamiCow Arcade tape, Poodle 7″
The PodsIt’s a Bummer About Bourbie ep
The PiersonsAppleberry Wine
PollyannaLong Player
Alcohol Funnycarsingles, etc
The MuttsStinko’s Ranch, s/t ep
Greenberry WoodsShorty ep
Spaghetti Westerns/t LP
Eyesinweaseltour 7″
V/AEvil I Do Not 7″ box
Tame & Talkings/t ep
Cactus World NewsSpin “Special Forces” concert series (live, 1986)
CinnamonCream Soda
Christmas (the band) – Invisible Girl 7″
Big DipperImpossible Things ep
Big Starlive 1994
Sour LandslideThey Promised Us Jobs
furtherGriptape, Sometimes Chimes, Grimes Golden ep
SneetchesSometimes That’s All We Have
Short Dogs GrowMatt Dillon
BadgersPicnic ep   
Hollins Ferrys/t LP
O-PositiveOnly Breathing/Cloud Factory
OzmaSongs of (In)Audible Trucks and Cars
Outside Worlds/t tape
Chainsaw KittensMother (of the Ancient Birth) 7″
Buzz HungryAt the Hands of Our Intercessors
MercylandNo Feet on the Cowling
Indian BingoOverwrought & Scatological
Redd KrossThird Eye demos
Mega City FourMagic Bullets

Articles Origin: Re-ups for August.


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