Korova Milk Bar – Talkings Boring (1989, Subway Organization)

Fair to say this one’s a bit of a cold case.  No substantive mentions of the co-ed and presumably British Korova Milk Bar outside of Discogs.  Sonically nothing innovative here, but their overarching penchant appeals to me, as I’m picking up traces of Mighty Lemon Drops, Family Cat, Echo and the Bunnymen, and various C86 indie and Madchester swill.  Everything about Talkings… strikes me as a bit casual and random, without anything too deliberate on KMB’s part to claim a definitive identity here.  A few dandy tunes though, with “Peculiar Patrica,” “Calling Me Again” and “Satisfy” leaving the widest impressions.  There’s some dafter moments as well, but I’ll let you sort those out for yourself.  Per Discogs, only the first eight tracks comprised the album itself, with the remainder coming an ep or two. Definitely a vinyl rip, but I don’t a physical copy. I purloined this one off Emusic way back in the good old days when it was a $20/month all you can eat buffet.

01. Something Missing
02. Breakdown
03. Calling Me Again
04. Desolate Despair
05. Satisfy
06. Killing Me
07, I Can’t See
08. Stoney Ground
09. Do it Again
10. Something Will Happen
11. Off With Her Head
12. Peculiar Patricia


Articles Origin: Korova Milk Bar – Talkings Boring (1989, Subway Organization)


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