The Micronotz – 40 Fingers (1986, Homestead)

It seemed like I had been hearing of the Micronotz (formally the Mortal Micronotz) for decades before actually encountering any of their records. That changed a few months ago when a used copy of 40 Fingers materialized at a price I couldn’t refuse.  By the time this Lawrence, KS tribe got around to recording the album in question, original mouthpiece Dean Lubensky was out of the picture, and in his stead arrived one Jay Hauptli whose gruff and tumble vocal aplomb takes some getting used to (if at all).  40 Fingers is steeped in period Midwest punk and hardcore, searing and vigorous at best and a bit routine at worst.  The Micronotz were regulars at Husker Du’s Zen Arcade, dropping more than a few tokens into tuneful, riveting slots like “Black and White” and “Fall Down.”  Elsewhere the quartet veers in the vicinity of Naked Raygun, Rifle Sport, and to a lesser extent White Flag.  Several records preceded 40 Fingers, and in 1995 two posthumous digital collections preserved the bands work, though I’ll be damned if I can find them.  This rip was taken from my humble vinyl copy.

01. Pay Your Bill
02. Mannequin Head
03. Scarborough Fair
04. Exit 301
05. Psychedeli
06. Push It Out
07. Fall Down
08. Black and White
09. 40 Fingers
10. Breakdown
11. I Want Your Soul
12. Carnival Freak Show
13. Summer of Hate

Articles Origin: The Micronotz – 40 Fingers (1986, Homestead)


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