V/A – Ben Weasel Presents” Punk USA (1994, Lookout)

Hearing Screeching Weasel for the first time in 1993 was an absolute revelation for me.  Right around the time I had absorbed just about the entirety of their back catalog, I learned of a new various artists disk that head honcho Ben Weasel himself was curating.  Punk USA was the album in question, and I regarded (and still do) it as nothing short of a knockout.  At the time of it’s issue in ’94 it boasted exclusive material from (almost) all of it’s participants, and given that I was already an established aficionado of melodically-enhanced aggregations like the Queers, Jawbreaker, Face to Face and Sinkhole, this compilation was an absolute must purchase.  Better yet, it put some new faces on the map that I became an instant convert of – The Vindictives, Moral Crux and Beatnik Termites.  On top of that bunch there was a bevy of even more virtual unknowns that left a positive impression on me as well, specifically 8Bark, Scratch Bongowax and Rattail Grenadier.  An embarrassment of power chord riches. 

One anomaly to point out.  There’s a sixteenth band populating Punk USA, who are not included on the track-list or mentioned anywhere in the credits.  That would be Garden Variety, a coincidental favorite of mine who contribute a not-so-unreleased song, “Pretty Mouth,” which originally saw the light of day in 1993 on their first album.  Whether the omission of GV’s name was a typo or intentional (as the song technically was already available) is unknown, at least to me anyway. 

01-Scratch Bongowax – Nobody Home
02-Rattail Grenadier – Come On Back
03-Pink Lincolns – Rats
04-Moral Crux – Breakdown
05-Screeching Weasel – My Friends Are Getting Famous
06-Beatnik Termites – How Many Times
07-Thankless Dogs – Stan The Man
08-The Vindictives – I’m In Trouble Now
09-The Queers – Blabbermouth
10-The Pist – Threat
11-Submachine – Diseased
12-8Bark – Give Up
13-Face To Face – Dissension
14-Sinkhole – Casemaker
15-Garden Variety – Pretty Mouth
16-Jawbreaker – Sea Green Foam


Articles Origin: V/A – Ben Weasel Presents" Punk USA (1994, Lookout)


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