Daddy In His Deep Sleep – Alone With Daddy (1987, Restless)

Well this one really hits the sweet spot. Wish I could tell you more about Daddy in His Deep Sleep other than A) Scott Miller of Game Theory/Loud Family renown produced their album, and B) the band may have hailed from the vicinity of San Jose, CA, but don’t hold me to that.  Alone with Daddy contains nine satisfying servings of collegiate indie rock informed by the like of Let’s Active, Buzz of Delight and to varying extents R.E.M, and yes, Game Theory.  A co-ed quartet with Jeffery Layton and Lori Bauer splitting time on the mic, Daddy bust out their resplendent quotient of jangle, but on relatively high-strung morsels like “Play the Part” and “Queen of the Strain” they knew how to pack a wallop, even more so than their aforementioned contemps.  Perhaps Alone… isn’t wall to wall gold, but that sweet guitar tone just won’t quit.  Per Discogs this was sadly their only release…and I really wish it wasn’t.

01. Play the Part
02. Queen of the Strain
03. Puppy Dog
04. Santa Claus and Jesus
05. Blue Sighs
06. Suburban Ranch
07. Tales From the Crypt
08. Jeeve
09. Life You Lead

Articles Origin: Daddy In His Deep Sleep – Alone With Daddy (1987, Restless)


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