Re-ups for September

I’ve been a little slack on postings lately.  Fear not, I’ll try to regain steam in October, but in the meantime here are some revived links at your behest and otherwise.

Crocodile ShopLullaby
Material IssueEleven Supersonic Hit Explosions
Flamin’ GrooviesMembers Edition
Otis and the ElevatorsCross the Bridge and Some Career
The HeatersEnergy Transfer
VAAn appreciation of the Soft Boys “I Wanna Destroy You”
Half Hour to GoItems for the Full Outfit and Don’t Forget the Children ep
Fliess/t ep
Public BulletinBroke From the Sound ep
The Indicators12 Ton ep
Moth Macabres/t
SpringhouseMenagerie Keeper 7″
100 Flowers21st Guessing
JavanyBrighter Than Color
The Nexts/t
TictocWhere the Picnic Was
Half StringA Fascination With Heights
PollenBluette and Peach Tree
CamerafaceAfter the Scream
Unholy WivesWhen Sanity Sleeps

Articles Origin: Re-ups for September


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