VA – The Enigma Variations 2 (1987, Enigma)

Enigma Records may not have been the first imprint to unleash a label-specific compilation (“aka sampler”) onto the public, but their two Variations compendiums did raise the bar in terms of quality control, and inadvertently presented a microcosm of the alternative rock circuit of the day.  Genre-ly speaking, Enigma (and it’s punkier sister label Restless) were if anything downright diverse, spanning the gamut from jokeabilly legend-in-his-own-mind Mojo Nixon to the refined Peter Hammil and back again to the perennially sardonic Dead Milkmen.  So far as I’m concerned those were the low-lights.  The most toothsome meat of the Enigma roster consisted of Game Theory, TSOL, Wednesday Week, Agent Orange, and venerable class of ’77 dazzlers Wire.  And speaking of the latter two, Variations Deux houses two of their career landmarks, “Fire in the Rain” and “Ahead,” respectively.  Like any decent label comp, this double threat LP (or single CD in my case) shoehorns in some previously unreleased booty from TSOL, Plan 9, and the aforementioned Wednesday Week, Milkmen and Mojo.  By and large this is one roster that sells itself. Boogie ’til ya puke ya’ll.

01-Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper – Burn Down the Malls
02-TSOL – Colors (Take Me Away)
03-The Dead Milkmen – The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
04-Agent Orange – Fire in the Rain
05-Plan 9 – Man Bites Dog
06-Wire – Ahead
07-Don Dixon – Praying Mantis
08-Wednesday Week – Why
09-Game Theory – Erica’s Word
10-Peter Hammill – Too Many of My Yesterdays
11-Plan 9 – Ship of Fools
12-The Dead Milkmen – Stupid Maryann
13-Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper – Amsterdam Dog Shit Blues
14-TSOL – Best Friends
15-Agent Orange – Bite the Hand that Feeds (Part II) Remix
16-Wire – Drill
17-Wednesday Week – That Train
18-Game Theory – Shark Pretty
19-Don Dixon – Why
20-SSQ – Pleasure Dog

Articles Origin: VA – The Enigma Variations 2 (1987, Enigma)


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