Re-ups for November.

Here’s the brunt of it, but tune in tomorrow for some more additions.  Thanks for your requests.

Simples Machines Records cassette seriesGeek, The Hated, Late!, Mommyheads, My New Boyfriend, Saturnine, Slack
Winter HoursLeaving Time
Silent Partner7″ ep 
Dave ParasiteBack to Demo ep
Punch Wagon (Superdrag)demo
seadeperf ep
Blind DatesRadio 7″ 
KashmirOutside 7″
Big Clocks/t ep
AnimationLoud Day ep 
Eleventh Dream Days/t ep & Borscht promo 12″
Silent Partner7″ ep
The WrenchWorry When We Get There & Cop Krueller ep
One Plus TwoOnce in a Blue Moon
PunchbuggyGrand Opening Going Out of Business Sale
Bloody ChiclettsPresenting…
Scared of Chaka/Flake Musicsplit 7″ 
Latter Day SaintsPlaster City 7″
RetrieverThree Second Stereo ep
Dreams So Real11/11/88, Charlotte
TsarKing of School EP + radio session
PooleSuperamerica & Loon eps
Pure JoyUnsung, Getz the Worm, s/t ep, Sore Throte ep
Not RebeccaTwin City Obituary, Rocketship to Canada, Bowler & Who You Really Are, Thick Recs 7″
PollyannaHello Halo, Delta City Skies, Didn’t Feel a Thing

Articles Origin: Re-ups for November.


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