Seventh night of Chanukah: The Lads – Out From the Shadows (1983, UN)

What would Chanukah be like on Wilfully Obscure if I didn’t gift you at least one completely unknown quantity? You see, it just so happens that last month a DJ saved my life.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t give him that much credit, but he did turn me onto this phenomenal disk, which I was motivated to track down a physical copy of for myself.

Presumably from the environs of greater Boston, MA, The Lads were a walloping power pop quintet purloining a page or three from UK pub-punksters The Boys and Pistols offshoots The Professionals, whilst on the Stateside front indulging in the rhythmic ebb and flow of Shoes and Off Broadway not to mention vital obscuros Crash Street Kids.  Out From the Shadows is comprised of eight captivating and unyieldingly catchy assaults, a brief but fiercely capable cavalcade of shoulda-been-blaring-from-the-jukebox salvos including “Bostown Girls,” “Downtown Start,” and “Neighborhood Kids.”  What’s more, “In the Clouds” tantalizingly cops half of the Knack’s “My Sharona” riff before transitioning into an infectious persuasion of it’s own.  Often bordering on phenomenal, …Shadows is a serious Teen Line-esque gold-rush flowing your way peeps.  A must hear for those of you who dug those Philisteens records I posted some years back.

01. Neighborhood Kids
02. Get Back in the Race
03. In the Clouds
04. Bostown Girls
05. On the Prowl
06. Downtown Start
07. Out From the Shadows
08. Empty Subway Train

MP3  or  FLAC

Articles Origin: Seventh night of Chanukah: The Lads – Out From the Shadows (1983, UN)

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