Pack Nine – Espontanéo ep (1982, Boozer)

One more cold case to round out the year.  Pack Nine were a quartet with Motor City and New York connections.  The five-song Espontanéo very well may have been their first and last will and testament.  The gratuitously synthy “Explode” kicks off the show, with a sonic aplomb that strikes me as a cheekier take on period Gary Numan, with some light Devo seasoning if you observe closely enough.  That satisfying ditty is bested only by the driving “Well After Dark,” the closest approximation to punk rock the Pack were inclined to push their proverbial envelope.  For better or worse “Johnny Quest” isn’t a retread of the TV theme song, rather a rhythmically-aware original that in a more perfect world would have compelled droves of ‘wavers to beat a path to the dance floor.

01. Explode
02. Sick and Tired
03. Johnny Quest
04. Hard to Hide
05. Well After Dark

Articles Origin: Pack Nine – Espontanéo ep (1982, Boozer)


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