The Fluid – 4-19-91 Lounge Ax, Chicago

One month ago, almost to the day in fact, I offered an exhaustive array of Fluid rarities and scarcities for one of my annual Chanukah posts.  I effectively declared I had nothing more to offer from Denver’s finest, that I hadn’t shared previously.  It’s safe to say that was a lie, if not a half-truth, as I’ve decided to cap off a grunge-centric week with a 1991 gig from the very band in question.  Either a primo audience recording or a soundboard tape, this gig was performed around the release of the Fluid’s Glue ep, not long before the band inked a contract with Hollywood Records for the purplemetalflakemusic LP.  It’s an exemplary set not merely in terms of the performance, but the wide swath of material too, ranging from the ’89s Clear Black Paper to songs that had yet-to-see-light-of-day.  The track list follows.  Enjoy (or not).  BTW, a hearty thanks to whomever taped and organized these files.

01. Pretty Mouse

02. Black Glove
03. Cop a Plea
04. Cold Outside
05. Human Mill
06. Waves
07. Tin Top Toy
08. unknown
09. Lies
10. Closet Case
11. Hooked
12. Fools Rule
13. Is It Day?
—–(1st Encore Break)—–
14. Static Cling
15. Girl Bomb
16. Our Love Will Still Be There
17. (2nd Encore Break)
18. Candy 

Articles Origin: The Fluid – 4-19-91 Lounge Ax, Chicago


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