The Drones “Red” 7″ (1995, Apostrophe)

The Drones were a noisome power-trio, presumably from Massachusetts, bustin’ out full tilt in a none-too-dissimilar fashion to Sugar, though fulcrum Buddy Bell doesn’t sound a stitch like Bobby Mould.  Incrementally, I’m picking up traces of Small 23 and Garden Variety, but even those acts rarely had songs as visceral and rugged as the melodically drenched “Red,” easily a ‘nine’ out of your proverbial ‘ten.’   The flip, “Wanna Be” sports dissonant minor chords, but manages to retain something of a pop undercurrent.  Primo ’90s indie rock that I’m just getting turned onto twenty years after the fact.  Sorry for the bumpy vinyl noise.  Will see if I can come up with a cleaner copy of this one down the road.

A. Red
B. Wanna Be

Articles Origin: The Drones "Red" 7" (1995, Apostrophe)


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