Re-ups a plenty.

This should keep you busy for awhile.  My way of compensating for not having attended to this in almost two months.  Keep in mind, these links are only fresh for 30 days since the most recent download, so don’t sleep.  Thanks for your continuing requests.

V/A – Best of the Blog comps 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 
Husker Du Zen Arcade demos, outtakes, etc: 1, 2, 3 and Psychepowerpopapunk live boot 
The Emabarrassment Retrospective tape
man dingobadtouchbecca ep, ifive, How’s My Driving 7″
Wynona Riderssingles
Porcelain BoysAway Awhile demos & singles
Skiploader 7″ ep
NeighborlyA Moment for Us 7”
G-WhizEat at Eds & split 7″ with Lonely Trojans
I-RailsPanharmonium, Nine Songs from Nowhere, Valentino Says, Unfocused, Same Old Me 7″
The Philisteenss/t LP  
Fluid Waffles/t ep
Lucy Browns/t LP
Defenestrations/t ep & Dali Does Windows
Five Gears in ReverseTrailer tape
V/AiHL Records comp 7” ep
OzmaSongs of (In)Audible Trucks and Cars
Mayflies USAs/t ep
MulerThe State of Play & singles collection
St. JohnnyScuba Diving 7″ 
The Blanks…actual emergency 
Sunday CannonsRed to the Rind
Outside Worlds/t tape
Second ChildhoodFigure Skating
Fun w/ AtomsMain Street
Johnsonss/t LP 
Polos/t ep
ProbersMad at the World ep
Papa SprainFlying to Vegas ep
Sheer ThursdayExpecting the Grass
Shaking HandsNo Laughing Matter ep
Hidden CharmsHistory 
Killer WhalesEmotional Geography
Spinning JenniesPop ‘n Serve and Starstruck
Strawberry ZotsCars, Flowers, Telephones
Yuji OnikiShonen Blue
The Furlongs2300 Ward
The SurfOut of Step ep
Troubled HubbleThe Sun Beamed Off…
Velocity Girl10/29/39, Athens, GA
LienkesBrothers By Choice
The TalkNot Just Hearsay
The SlurpsHrrSheeCom ep
V/AHotel Massachusetts 
V/AHalf Assed 7″ ep
Angle Park7″
J ChurchWhorehouse: Songs and Stories
Young Pioneerstape 
FoundationVoyage ep 
Sleep Capsulesingles
SeafoodMessenger in the Camp
The Spectressingles
Not Shakespeares/t ep
NewkeysActs of Love
Polvo/New Radiant Storm Kingsplit 7″
Paul Collins Beat, 20/20, Sinceros live at The Palladium, NYC 12/17/79
Matinee IdolsLeaving Limbo ep
Deep 6Garage D’or
The Wolvess/t LP

Articles Origin: Re-ups a plenty.


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