The Dangtrippers – Days Between Stations (1989, Dog Gone)

How could I have neglected this one for all these years?  Just assumed it was on iTunes, but evidently not.  Now that I think about it, I did offer a single by the Dangtrippers many moons ago, but you’d be forgiven if you overlooked it.  A landlocked, Iowa City quartet, the Dangtrippers specialized in a jangly stripe of power pop with an aesthetic in league with the Gigolo Aunts and Greenberry Woods, though I’d submit these lads packed a tad more bite.  Their debut, Days Between Stations, was produced by a gentleman named Tom Tatman, though an alliance with Mitch Easter or Don Dixon would strike me as more appropriate.  Days… isn’t necessarily remarkable or incendiary, just pretty damn good – and that’s perfectly fine with me.  Their harder to find follow-up, Transparent Blue Illusion was recently reissued online by Zero Hour Records.

01. When Time Runs Out
02. Maxwell’s Demon Box
03. Masquerade
04. Sitting on the Doorstep
05. Talk About Love
06. Nehru
07. Days on the Roof
08. Jack Knife
09. Freudian Slip
10. Reasons Why
11. Half Your Age
12. Someone New
13. Legerdmain

Articles Origin: The Dangtrippers – Days Between Stations (1989, Dog Gone)


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