Pyramidiacs – Tag Team 7” ep (1998, Hellfire Club)

I must have had plenty of opportunities in the twentieth century to investigate the Pyramidiacs, be it from recommendations from Not Lame catalogs, compilations, etc…but I didn’t.  Frankly, I was limited to my budget, whereas today my options for partaking in music have been stratified to an extent where money isn’t so much of an object.  Back then I had to pick my battles, or more accurately bands very carefully.  This Aussie power pop quartet wasn’t one of them, but after recently being introduced to this devastatingly grand slab of vinyl I hope to make up for some serious lost time.  What little I’ve been able to scrounge up online regarding the Pyramidiacs seems to speak to the group’s garage-rock credentials, yet I’m not picking up on that notion at all.  Hardly a complaint when the band is clearly more plugged into the likes of Cheap Trick, The Hollies, and perhaps less consciously Teenage Fanclub. “I Can’t Hide” is probably the definitive number on Tag Team, but I’m also tempted to pin that honor onto “Pretend,” a tune that delves into the crunchier realm of so many of their Stateside indie-pop contemporaries.  The cherry on top is a faithfully executed rendition of the Posies Frosting on the Beater-era outtake “Open Every Window.”

01. I Can’t Hide
02. Waiting
03. Pretend
04. Open Every Window

Articles Origin: Pyramidiacs – Tag Team 7” ep (1998, Hellfire Club)


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