Figure 5 – Born to Vacation (1985, Boat)

Yet more rock o’ the 80s that the 21st century has all but relegated to the province of cobwebs.  Produced and engineered by Butch Vig, Figure 5’s Born to Vacation sounds patently like a product of it’s era, deviating between synth-based ‘wave’ (rife with mild noir leanings), and far more stimulating guitars-y pop/rock that coincidentally foreshadowed what Vig’s own band, Fire Town would unfurl in a couple years.  It may come as no surprise that I’m fonder of the latter of Figure 5’s dual personas, with “I Get Lonely” and “Isn’t That Something” selling me in a heartbeat.  The remainder of …Vacation fluctuates in terms of quality and acumen, yet this co-ed, Middleton, WI rarely irritate.

01. I Get Lonely
02. Isn’t That Something
03. Born to Vacation
04. Paradise
05. The Cab
06. Distance
07. Let it Be Silence
08. Ten Year Itch

Articles Origin: Figure 5 – Born to Vacation (1985, Boat)


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