Re-ups for April.

In case you haven’t figured it out, my old file hoster, Netkups has been taken down by the feds. There are still potentially hundreds of dead Netkups links throughout the W/O archives, so if you would like to see something revived give us a shout out.  Thanks for your requests.  I may be adding a few more later tonight, so watch this space for some add-ons.

Let’s Active Every Dog Has It’s Day demos & live in Chicago 1984
The Posies – Broadcasts vols, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (1-3 are also active)
Swell Maps Whatever Happens Next
The Saints Monkey Puzzle
The Dices/t ep
CatherineSparkle 7″
SideshowRust 7″
Helen Keller PlaidDin 
Viola PeacockThe Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter & This Way to the Alley… 
DrownersWorld Record Player
Pitchblende/Swirliessplit 7″ & Swirlies demo
The SugarplasticOttawa Bonesaw 7″ box, Polly Brown ep, Primitive Plastic, Sheep 7″
The Jigsaw SeenShortcut Through Clown Alley
Wild GiraffesRight Now 
Plutosingles collection
BumI Am Superwoman, Make It or Break It, singles
MonsterlandAt One With Time ep & Loser Friendly ep
Senator FluxThe Criminal Special, Storyknife & Bake the Candle… ep
Remember MaineThe Last Place You Look
V/ATrim Crusts If Desired – Cinnamon Toast Records comp
V/AFast Product-Mutant Pop
V/AEpic Presents Unsigned 2
V/ASo Punk, Barely Visible to the Naked Eye
V/AThe Best of the Radio Tokyo Tapes
V/AMore of Our Stupid Noise
(Will) Owsleylive 2/21/99
SemanticsPowerbill demos
Helmet Boys/t LP
BagsRock Starve
Psi ComGila Monster Jamboree, CA 1-5-85
Ridel HighMouthful  of You 7″
milfeverybody should stop doing everything
Desperate Hoursep
Reaction FormationGalesburg Bound 7″
I-Railslive 1990
The Wakeep
Divine WeeksThrough and Through
The ChantTwo Car Mirage & Three Sheets to the Wind
Delusions of GrandeurPicture Perfect Martyr ep
LoomisYou’re No Tiger… & 7″
ShortfallHooray for Everything
Drip TankSlake
aMINATURE/Drip Tanksplit singles
Waves of GrainThe West Was Fun 

Articles Origin: Re-ups for April.


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