Another rash of re-ups.

I usually wait until the end of the month to get to these, but given the volume of requests, and neglected files I thought of myself, I opted not to procrastinate.  Over fifty items can be had in this cavalcade.  Have at it.

The Pursuit of Happiness  I’m an Adult Now ep and demos 
FacecrimeSex and Revolution ep 
Big Drill Car/Chemical Peoplesplit 7″ (Kiss, Cheap Trick covers!)
Ultra CindyMermaid’s Parade and Whirlwind 7″
V/AWyatt’s Torch
V/ADiamonds and Porcupines
V/ADiscordia Concors
V/APeppermint Stick Parade
V/ABad Timing – a Perth Pop Retrospective
V/AEndangered Species 6 x 7″ box
Stiffs, IncNix Naught Nothing 
Close LobstersNature Thing CDS
Shepherds of Hot Pavements/t
That HopeEight Dollar Hat
Two Small BodiesNorth 421 ep 
The GasEmotional Warfare
Rubber Bushs/t
The OthermothersNo Place Like Home
Marshal Fieldss/t ep
Times BeachLove and Politics tape
Tirez TirezSocial Responsibility  
BadgersPicnic ep
Black Eyed Susanss/t LP
Dharma BumsGivin’ In 7″
ManifestoBurn 7″
One Million Pieces7″
DryhouseHayride 7″ ep
Third RailEnd It
Anastasia ScreamedLaughing Down the Limehouse
ThermalsInsound Tour Support ep
Male BondingRuff demos and Bratwell Shed sessions
LilysServices for the Soon to be Departed
Get SmartWords Move 7″ ep
Jon Auer1994 demos
PhonesDial Direct
GodraysSongs for TV Stars ep
Godrays/Rodeo Boysplit single
Four Point Star7″
Crocodile ShopHead
What NowSmall Record with Four Songs ep
Beauty ConstantLike the Enemy & demos
aMINIATUREForeign Room 7″
Piper Cub7″
Latter Day SaintsPlaster City 7″
Wire Train I’ll Do You 7″
Alter BoysSoul Desire
Dewey Defeats TrumanRoad to Nowhere Maps ep
Ground RoundMemories Better Left Behind
The Blasess/t LP
BangtailsHypnotic Downpour ep
NumbersAdd Up
Pop Arts/t ep and Long Walk to Nowhere
Dark GlobeLife is Research

Articles Origin: Another rash of re-ups.


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