Erectus Monontone/Polvo – El Sid 7″ (Merge, 1992)

Thought this would be a suitable follow-up to my Raymond Brake post from the other night.  I first became conscious of the fact that I was a record collector somewhere in the mid-90s, and this split single was one of the first “rare” records I couldn’t track down.  Thing was, it never was particularly rare, just a bit hard to find.  Eventually I just forgot about it until I ran into a copy of it at a recent record show.  So here you have it, two of the most left-of-center bands to ever bear the Merge Records trademark.  I’ve yammered on about Polvo before, a band whose crooked, Sebadoh meets Sonic Youth pastiche was mildly addictive back in the day, especially on their earlier releases.  “In The Hand, In The Sieve” appears here in a lengthier iteration than the version that landed on their debut, Cor Crane SecretErectus Monotone had more of a scuzzy art punk thing going for them, boasting a co-ed lineup to boot.  Never investigated them to deeply.  “Fragment (Pam)” appears to be exclusive to this record.  Both bands crossbreed on the the altogether avant and warped b-side “Anything’s Fine.”  Consider yourselves warned.  

A1. Erectus Monotone – Fragment (Pam)
A2. Polvo – In the Hand, in the Sieve
B. Erectus Polvotone – Anything’s Fine

Articles Origin: Erectus Monontone/Polvo – El Sid 7" (Merge, 1992)


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