Here’s the latest volley.  Thanks for your requests.

Kilkenny CatsHands Down LP & 7″
Nightman –  No Escape LP
Howard and Tim’s Paid Vacation (The Windbreakers) – I Never Met a Girl I Didn’t Like
Redd KrossDinner With Redd Cross (intv lp) & Switchblade Sister ep
Jon Auer23 Below 7″
Single Bullet Theorydemos
True Believers – Harder, Harder, Harder live promo MP3 or FLAC
Chain Link FenceFireworks ep & Positive ep
Full Fathom FiveCry of a Falling Nation & Multinational Pop Conglomerate
Gravel Truck (Let’s Active reunion)live 10/31/08, Pittsboro, NC
Lifeboats/t ep
Fingersingles collection
AngstMystery Spot & Mending Wall
The StockingsRed Tango
NotekillersThe Zipper 7″
Even Greenland7″
BelreveNothing 7″
V/A – Lessons From Little HitsVols. 1, 2, 3, 4
V/ANeapolitan Metropolitan 7″ box
V/ACase Closed?: Int’l Tribute to Husker Du
V/AThere’s a Boy Who Lives on Heaven Hill – A tribute to Hüsker Dü
JawboxAnother Scrapbook of Even More Fatal Accidents
Candy Machines/t LP
Mark ArmThe Freewheeling… 7″
Dinosaur Jr.The Wagon 7″
Sixteen DeluxeTo Find What’s Worth Waiting For 7″
Armchair Martian7″ ep
ShakersDesired Effect
Bring Home the Lobsterstape
Sister PsychicCatch and Release
LinesStatues ep
Lines (2)Standby ep
Two HelensReflections in Red
Empty SetLost in the Riptyde
Steve Blimkie and the Reasons/t LP
Rollerskate Skinnylive Belgium 1994
FumesSelf Appointed Guardian of the Machine
Putterstwo singles
Lotus STPMillion Dollar Ring
TNPTheir General Suave Guys Request 7″ box
Attachments s/t ep 

Articles Origin: Re-ups.


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