Velvet Crush – 10/4/96, CBGB’s, New York

My apologies if entries have been a bit scarce lately.  Haven’t had much time to rip any fresh vinyl, but on the heels of my Velvet Crush assessment the other night I thought I’d share this rather exemplary live set from a CBGB’s gig from a couple decades ago.  The Crush was touring behind their 1996 platter Heavy Changes, but there’s plenty of tunes in this setlist to be had from Teenage Symphonies to God.  I do believe this is a soundboard tape.  Check it out in your choice of MP3 or lossless FLAC below.

01. Playing for Keeps
02. Standing Still
03. My Blank Pages
04. Think it Over
05. Hold Me Up
06. Goin’ to My Head
07. Why Not Your Baby
08. Atmosphere
09. Ash and Earth
10. Used to Believe
11. Live For Now

MP3 or FLAC pt. 1 & pt. 2

Articles Origin: Velvet Crush – 10/4/96, CBGB’s, New York


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