Woodpecker – No Factory Town ep (1989)

This is following up the first Woodpecker ep I shared a couple weeks back.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of that first record, and even less so with this one, but I had a request for it.  Four unusual “pop” songs, often with elaborate ambitions and odd juxtapositions that incorporate bass trombone and violin.  Still think the singer sounds a bit like Grant Hart.  The closest No Factory Town comes to linear indie rock is “Twenty Five Years Old,” and would have been that much more appealing without the goddamn trombone!  Thought the buoyant “Very Pretty Girl” was a cover, but for better or worse it’s a ‘peckers original.  Enjoy (or not)

01. No Factory Town
02. Twenty Five Years Old
03. Very Pretty Girl
04. Parade Songs


Articles Origin: Woodpecker – No Factory Town ep (1989)


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