Game Theory – Berkeley Square, 10-02-86

To follow up my Game Theory post from the other night, here’s a live soundboard performance from a now defunct Berkeley, CA club.  Thought this might be a relevant show considering it’s from the same era as Big Shot Chronicles, however not much from that album is represented here.  Another snag is that “Rayon Drive” cuts out early.  Otherwise, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the rest of it (yes, even “Kung Fu Fighting”).

Note:  I’m making this available only as an MP3 download tonight, but will try to get a FLAC version up tomorrow.  Please check back!

01. Carrie Anne
02. Rayon Drive
03. 24
04. Waltz the Halls Always
05. Girl with a Guitar
06. Look Away
07. Where You Going Northern
08. Shark Pretty
09. I’ve Tried Subtlety
10. Friend of the Family
11. King-Fu Fighting
12. Curse of the Frontierland

Articles Origin: Game Theory – Berkeley Square, 10-02-86


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