Flying Nuns – Yard CDS (1994, Free)

I recently had a request to revive a link for a Flying Nuns 7″ I shared a good eight years ago.  I granted that requested, and am going one better here with the expanded CD incarnation of that release, Yard, featuring an additional track not on the vinyl.  As I noted in that original entry, Mission of Burma comparisons are largely inevitable when describing the Nuns, also a trio from Beantown.  Noisome, clangy guitar play and tense delivery are part and parcel of the band’s intoxicating shtick, but so is melody. It’s all wrapped up in a distinct post-punk context that these guys were so adept at.  Brief, but excellent.  A Flying Nuns full length surfaced in 2002, and I believe that’s the last we’ve heard of them.

01. Yard
02. Shirt
03. Mines Underwater

Articles Origin: Flying Nuns – Yard CDS (1994, Free)


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