Sunset Strip – Move Right In (1990, AuGoGo)

Sometimes it can take years for me to excavate all the dollar bin finds i have piled up like so many cable bills around my house – and this happens to be one I just got to over the weekend.  I don’t know a great deal about their pedigree, but this Melbourne, Oz combo made a spectacular psych-addled noise that was more droney than stony.  Just how I like it.  Sunset Strip’s sophomore LP, Move Right In, exudes reference points like Television, early Screaming Trees, and Seattle’s Love Battery (though some of these are likely to be the product of sheer coincidence).  Move’s… opening trio of tunes alone expose all of the band’s key attributes and strengths.  The chord bending, “20th Century Girl” is a heady wash of Hendrix-ian maneuvers and indie rock persuasion, “Rainy Day Girls” loosely purloins from the Velvets and Rain Parade, and “I Want to Know” is imbued with the stripe of sludgy and fuzzy proto-grunge that Blue Cheer so capably made their calling card.  And the fun doesn’t stop there kids.  These chaps did their thing with class, albeit with a bit of a derivative angle at times.  Not that I’m complaining.  Dig in.

01. 20th Century Girl
02. Rainy Day Girls
03. I Want to know
04. Crawl Around
05. Out of Touch, Out of Time
06. Don’t You Let Me
07. Move Right In
08. Morning Dew
09. Say Goodbye 

Articles Origin: Sunset Strip – Move Right In (1990, AuGoGo)


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