V/A – Zongs in zee key of zee – the letter “Z” folder mix.

It’s been another long layover since I cobbled together one of my world renown “letter” folder mixes.  Following in the hallowed footsteps of my preceding “E” “D” “H” “O” “P” “B“T” and “G” folder comps, this garbage plate of seemingly random artists have only one thing in common – the first letter of their names.  In fact, no consideration has been given to genre.  For almost every complete album I have by an artist on my hard drive, I store just as many random one-off songs by artists I don’t have a dedicated folder to.  These random one-offs have been corralled into “letter folders” A through Z.  Today. we’re featuring the very last letter of the alphabet.  As was the case with the previous entries I’m not going to publish a track list, but I won’t let you go without a few spoilers.

You’re getting a healthy dose of vintage, twentieth century power pop, courtesy of The Zippers, Zipper and Z-Cars, not to mention punk/post-punk nuggets from the Zero Boys, Zounds, Zeke and Zoinks!  There’s also a few of my choicest faves from the likes of Zwan, Z.Z. Hill, and Zuckerbaby. Zanzibar Scuf put their spin on a Ben Folds Five classic, while Zebrahead take to task Rikk Agnew’s “O.C. Life.”  And on top of all that, there’z another ten or so mizcellaneous nuggetz to enhance this bountiful cavalcade of z-licious zeitgeist.  Dig in.


Articles Origin: V/A – Zongs in zee key of zee – the letter "Z" folder mix.


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