kiaro • skuro – debut tape (1990, Well Primed)

As I proceed to share another “cold case” recording with you something dawned on me.  There’s a very voyeuristic aspect to this “sharity” blogging endeavor of mine.  As has been the case with dozens, if not hundreds of subjects I’ve featured here, I have no personal overlap with kiaro • skuro.  In short, they don’t know me, or me them.  This co-ed foursome (possibly from New Jersey) go by a strictly first-name basis, so any attempt to contact them by the usual means is a non-starter.  And since this was a pre-internet offering, there are nary any vital stats to be had on then.  In summation, this elicits a bit of a moral dilemma on my part.  Then again I haven’t received much protest over the years, so maybe I shouldn’t fret.  Anyway…

From what I’m able to discern kiaro • skuro was actually a band, not an individual,  The moniker strikes me as a tad ethnic, but the tenor of these songs are anything but, recalling the jangly chord-wrangling prowess of such Anglophiles as Johnny Marr or David Gavurin.  Crooner Sara doesn’t add a wealth of mystique to the mix, but nevertheless capably tilts her quartet to the left of the dial.  Damn fine stuff actually.  A CD apparently followed this demo a couple years later.

01. decide
02. can’t think what you feel
03. stand still
04. again
05. too proud
06. when she’s away

Articles Origin: kiaro • skuro – debut tape (1990, Well Primed)


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