Fossil – s/t (1995, Sire)

*Sigh*  There will not be a second Clinton administration, but musical remnants from the first are still rampant.  Going for a pop angle in the era of punk-cum-metal sludge was a lot like bringing a knife to a proverbial gun fight.  To their credit, Fossil offered some discernible musculature, yet not only did they fail to make it onto the front page, they weren’t so much as mentioned in the police blotter in section “C.”  Sounding like a loose melange of Jellyfish, Smashing Pumpkins and Smiths, the Bob O’Gureck helmed quartet led their sole album off with a bittersweet, albeit arresting hook-fest in the guise of “Moon.”  Safe to say if this doesn’t grab you, nary will any other minute of Fossil, but there’s further treasure to be excavated – “Martyr’s Wife,” “Fall,” and “You” to name but a few.   Fossil’s consoling and mildly enlightened tenor didn’t encroach even the remotest fringes of Hitsville, but I’ll be damned if it was for lack of anything except good luck.

01. Moon
02. Tim
03. Martyr’s Wife
04. Josephine Baker
05. Ocean
06. untitled
07. Thunder Shower
08. Molly
09. Fall
10. Tethered
11. Fiancee
12. you
13. Rebellion
14. Cargo of High Hopes

Articles Origin: Fossil – s/t (1995, Sire)


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