Ultracherry Violet – tape (1992)

Here is what appears to be a demo from a band I featured in 2014, more specifically their full length I Fall to Pieces.  Bearing hefty plumes of
feedback and a billowy guitar sprawl, Ultracherry Violet peddle a mildly downcast din that will be familiar to virtually any connoisseur of shoegaze, dream pop, etc.  And being that this is a demo, the D.C. based quartet convey themselves in an even rawer context than on their aforementioned 1994 LP, often reminiscent of another contemporary east coast combo, Smashing Orange.  Ultracherry are nonetheless pretty easy to wrap your head around, even on the overstretched, near-twelve minute closer “Disinspired.”  Enjoy (or not).

01. Losing My Friends
02. Yawn to Smile
03. This Girl I Know
04. Wayve
05. Disinspired


Articles Origin: Ultracherry Violet – tape (1992)

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