V/A – Best of the blog mix 2016.

Well, I’m about a week tardy in dispensing my annual distillation of the creme de la creme of my presentations from the year just passed.  If you discount all of the temporary “Mystery Monday” entries, I shared approximately 140 titles in 2016, down a good hundred or so from say, three years ago.  I’m getting more slack, and I don’t reckon that 2017 will be the year I rebound, but we’ll see.  No less than eighteen of the 23 selections this hypothetical mix-tape involves came to market in the 1980s, illustrating just what a fertile and rewarding decade that was.  I’ve been hip to some of the names on this roster for what seems like an eternity – the Dangtrippers, Wishniaks and The Ocean Blue, while others like the Water Walk, Grey Parade, Beef People and Gone Daddy Finch made their way onto my sonar a lot more recently.

I sequenced the music from mellow to mid tempo to decidedly heftier and freewheeling, employing a similar build up schematic that I have in years passed.  There are going to be fluctuations in volume MP3 bitrates, that I didn’t have the opportunity to balance out, so my apologies in advance.  I’ve hyperlinked the artist names to take you directly to the original entries.  Enjoy this veritable feast of ones and zeros, and of course, don’t be a stranger.
01. The Water Walk – Anyways
02. Dream Academy – Poised on the Edge of Forever (early vers)*
03. Ocean Blue – Vanity Fair (1988 demo)
04. Beef People – Fragile
05. The Upbeats – The Laser Beam Boys
06. Psychic Archie – No Pictures of Dad*
07. Fossil – Martyr’s Wife
08. Christmas – Stupid Kids
09. Reaction Formation – Teenage Jesus
10. Lovers Under Pressure – Epitaph
11. Wishniaks – Point of No Return
12. Gone Daddy Finch – Sunshine Sister
13. Dangtrippers – When Time Runs Out
14. Drones – Red
15. Trunk – Sunbake
16. UV Prom – Upper Room
17. Figure 5 – I Get Lonely
18. Grey Parade – Flags Are Burning
19. Dead Neighbors – The Ultimate Goal
20. The Restless – The Contender
21. Rolls Rock – Peggye’s on Qualudes
22. Flys – 16 Down
23. The Sweat – You Gotta Lotta Nerve

*previously unshared


Articles Origin: V/A – Best of the blog mix 2016.


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