Re-ups for January ’17.

I was tardy in getting to a lot of your requests, so my apologies.  In addition, I haven’t been doing my best in sharing new titles thus far in 2017, but hopefully that will turn around soon.  Thanks for your patience!

DidjitsBackstage Passout
The Ocean Bluedemos
Days Of… s/t LP
Super FriendzSlide Show
Liquor GiantsHere
Facecrime –  Sex and Revolution ep
The Pursuit of HappinessSan Jose 5/27/89
Viva Caramels/t LP
The Furlongs2300 Ward
Buzz of DelightSoundcastles ep
Mod LangWhere Your Heart ep
The DazzlersFeeling Free
The Spliffs – House of Seven MP3 or FLAC
Pedaljetsdemo tape
D.D. Rangeds/t ep
Rotator Cuffs/t ep
V/AThe Living Room: A Compilation
V/ATeen Line Vol. 2
Situation at 1200De-luxe ep
SleepasaurusIt’s All Written Down
PollyannaDelta City Skies
Hardship PostHack ep & 7″
Six Going on SevenMethod Actor 7″

Articles Origin: Re-ups for January ’17.

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