Fluffy 7″ (1992, Fluffy Disc)

Dang, where has this record been my whole life, or at the very least the better half of it?  I was tipped off to Fluffy when an alum of another band I featured on here, Baby Tooth contacted me recently…and was kind enough to supply me with a copy of the record.  There’s all sorts of weird, flangy maneuvers infiltrating both sides of this pitch-shifty, distortion-y shoegaze single.  The six minute “Alien” takes a decidedly lo-fi road, and lives up to it’s title, a la early Swirlies.  “Baby Tooth” (the title soon became the band’s rechristened moniker) inserts some wry pop sensibilities into the mix, still approximating the offbeat allure of the Swirlies, and a dollop of Black Tambourine to boot.  Love it.

A. Alien
B. Baby Tooth


Articles Origin: Fluffy 7" (1992, Fluffy Disc)

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