Here’s the latest revised links.  I hope this compensates for me being so slack of late.

Simple Machines tapesGeek, Slack, Late!, Hated, Saturnine, Mommyheads & My New Boyfriend
GeekHerasure tape
Miracle Legion – Simple Thing tape MP3 or FLAC
Fields Laughing7″ ep
DownsidersAll My Friends Are Fish and S/T
V/A – Teen Line Vol. 3 and Vol. 4
14 Iced Bears – In the Beginning
Majesty CrushFan ep & Sans Muscles
Baby ToothRare Book Room ep and 7″
Babylon PinkLong Weekend ep
Fabulous Knobs –  s/t ep
The BravesThat’s the Hot Part & Los Bravos ep
Jimmy Eat World/Emerysplit 7″
O PositiveOnly Breathing/Cloud Factory
Half a ChickenFood for Thought
Junk MonkeysKick out the Jelly
Deep 6Garage D’or 
One Plus TwoOnce in a Blue Moon
YoOnce in a Blue Moon
A Picture MadePast ep 
Hardship PostHack ep
Dando, Lee, Petersson, Schwartzmansingle
The FiendzWact
Archers of Loaf/Monsterlandsplit 7″
Mega City Fourthree cd singles
Super 5 ThorFord
LaurelsNeck and Burn ep
Pete DonnellyAnother Day on You tape

Articles Origin: Re-ups.


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