A round of re-ups.

Have at it.

Donnie IrisFortune 410
Marshal Fieldss/t mLP
Local Operatorsingles
Jo Broadbery and the Standoutss/t LP
Pooh SticksFormula One Generation
Posies Broadcasts Vol. 5
Sugarplasticdemo tape
ArcwelderJack Made in Canada/This 
The DeflowersShiny New Pony, demo, Just What It’s Like 7″
Tall Tales and TrueShiver
Other Bright ColorsEndlessly Rocks the Cradle
How Gower (The Records) – Guitarophilia ep
Verichrome TulipsLe Lac Leman
Ellery BopFire in the Reflection ep
Graig MarkelNovember/December ep
Pam Am DownOrange Avenue Sessions ep
11th Hour7″ ep 
V/AWhy Do You Think They Call it Pop?
V/AWyatt’s Torch
V/AAn appreciation of AFoS “Space Age Love Song”

Articles Origin: A round of re-ups.


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