Dream Syndicate – 50 in a 25 Zone ep (1987, Big Time)

Considering I wasn’t paying much attention to the Dream Syndicate’s run during much of the 1980s, i can’t offer much in the way of personal insight.  My posthumous assessment of Steve Wynn and Co. has concluded that the band wasn’t responsible for any inferior studio albums or otherwise.  Their celebrated and ballyhooed debut, The Days of Wine and Roses has undoubtedly garnered the lions share of critical approbation, and while I’m in tandem with that notion as well the remainder of D/S offerings were worthy of praise as well, including their 1986 long-player, Out of the Grey.  Arriving almost a half decade after Wine and Roses, Grey found the band titling in a considerably more pedestrian direction, albeit without a shred of commercial pandering.  One of the singles from the album, “50 in a 25 Zone,” spun off into this EP

As songs go, “50 in a 25 Zone” with it’s slow simmering bluesy stride and numerous fake endings wasn’t remarkable but it was downright earnest in an era of spandex and poodle haircuts.  Granted, an unnecessarily gimmicky five minute remix of the tune is presented here as filler, but it hardly blemishes the original piece.  It’s worth withstanding for a bevy of b-sides on the flip, my pick being the sturdy bar-room banger “Drinking Problem.”  Much gratitude goes to the gent who supplied me with a gratis copy of this record.

01. 50 In a 25 Zone
02. 50 In a 25 Zone (Whodunnit Mix)
03. Drinking Problem
04. Shake Your Hips
05. Blood Money
06. Lonely Bull


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