I Can Crawl – Desert (1986, Hybrid)

Here’s another one that I don’t physically own, but I think I’m going to have to remedy that.  Not much is known about UK denizens I Can Crawl.  To their credit a Facebook page has been established offering at least a few details, mostly surrounding a reunion album they released in 2012-13 of thereabouts.  ICC’s brand of post-punk bears a serrated edge and a bit of a chill, just not anything particularly morose or mopey.   Desert occupies a similar plateau to their former contemporaries Cactus World News and Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, and I think it will be apparent to a good many you that I Can Crawl’s frontman recalls one Peter Murphy.  It’s all more splendid then I’m letting on, but don’t take my word for it…

01. Abandon
02. That Final Day
03. Elephant’s Life
04. Instead of Walls
05. Night Of The Long Knives
06. Walk on the Water
07. White Party
08. If Only
09. And it Rains
10. The Great Escape


Articles Origin: I Can Crawl – Desert (1986, Hybrid)


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