Seven Simons – Clockwork (1988, Sky)

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to post something by Seven Simons, especially since I’ve owned this as long as I’ve been doing W/O.  That aside, the Simons were a not oft spoken of band from that noted ’80s hotbed, Athens, GA.  Their debut, Clockwork, doesn’t necessarily boast the aesthetics that region became synonymous with, but it’s not entirely removed either.  There’s more than a scintilla of a collegiate pop penchant here, vividly recalling the Smithereens and Miracle Legion at moments. “Sasparilla” has a mildly serrated, post-punk undercurrent, “Sadder Sound” is a sublime slice of acousti-pop, and “Lavender Bubbles” hangs a wily hook occupying a sweet spot between Husker Du and Men at Work.  The Simons reunited last year in fact, reconvening for a belated “third” album, Post, which predominantly consists of vintage outtakes, and even a handful of new songs. 

01. King Archidej
02. Sasparilla
03. Wish of the Sundial
04. Long Time Coming
05. Father Figure
06. Lavender Bubbles
07. Murder Creek
08. Sadder Sound
09. Amber
10. Sweet Bitter

Articles Origin: Seven Simons – Clockwork (1988, Sky)


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