I should have a new needle-drop for you tomorrow, but until then chew on these.
PavementStack ‘o Slack (rarities, live)
GBVBeyond the Bars and Churches
Rain ParadeCrashing Dream
ReactionsCracked Marbles ep
I-RailsPanharmonium, Nine Songs From Nowhere, Unfocused, Valentino Says, Same Old Me 7″, live 1990
Pop Arts/t ep, Long Walk to Nowhere
Porcelain Boyssingles
Custom Floor7″
Slowchange Madagascar7″
Solomon Grundy7″
Dr. Janet7″
Marky & the Unexplained Stainss/t
Love BatteryStraight Freak Ticket
Ultracherry VioletI fall to Pieces
BangtailsHypnotic Downpour ep
Rapture of the DeepUnder Quabbin ep
BreathersRain Down ep
Crocodile ShopHead ep, Lullaby
The Love Ins/t ep
The RevellairesPop of Ages
The Opossums(marsupial eruptus)
Poetry GrenadeRocket 
BerberLower Goes the Roof Beam
V/ABlack Brittle Frisbee

Articles Origin: Re-ups.


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