Nice Strong Arm – Cloud Machine ep (1989, Homestead)

In the mood for some insular, densely packed indie rock, often approaching something of a melancholic maelstrom?  Yeah, me too.  NYC noiseniks Nice Strong Arm never failed to satisfy in this realm.  I featured their Mind Furnace and Stress City LPs prior to tonight’s offering, both of which garnered no shortage of approval.  I’m about 95% certain the Cloud Machine ep was NSA’s final recorded spasm, featuring two new studio tracks on side one, with the flip providing some live action.  “Cloud Machine” is another slyly dissonant, subtly melodic post-punk jewel in the band’s sinewy oeuvre, amped-out to the hilt I might add.  Can’t get enough of that guitar.  The instrumental that follows it, “Cop Show” doesn’t make quite the same impression, but a live (at CBGB’s no less) run through the choice Furnace kernel “Faucet Head” on side two more than compensates.

01. Cloud Machine
02. Cop Show
03. Faucet Head
04. Life of the Party

Articles Origin: Nice Strong Arm – Cloud Machine ep (1989, Homestead)


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